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Future Leaders

Well done to 5th year students who recently trained as LiFT (Leading Ireland's Future Together) facilitators.

Each student was trained as a LIFT facilitator over several weeks. This enabled them to work with groups of 2nd year students on their leadership skills in roundtable sessions. These sessions took place once a week over 8 weeks on a variety of themes and skills (Listening, Positive Attitude, Respect, Resilience, Competence, Dedication and determination, Empathy and understanding, Accountability, Honesty and Integrity).

I have had the pleasure of working with these students over the last number of months. They are a fantastic group of gentlemen who are great ambassadors for the school. Their interaction and leadership skills with 2nd year students was inspirational to watch. I am very proud of all their dedication and hard work. I have no doubt that they will succeed in whatever path they follow in the future.

Ms Brazil, Deputy Principal

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