Welcome to Chanel College

Chanel College is situated in the village of Coolock on the North side of Dublin on the Malahide Road. The school opened in 1955 with twelve pupils in its first year. It was the year after the Canonisation of St. Peter Chanel, one of the early Marists that the college was named after him. The main part of the school was built in the late sixties. It has been educating the young men of Coolock and its environs ever since.

Mission Statement:

Our mission in Chanel is to enable our students to reach their full potential so that they will make a positive difference in today's world. We strive to create a sense of community within the school and an informal but respectful atmosphere between students and staff members. In this pastoral environment, students are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and for their learning.

The charter is a core statement that has been arrived at through a collaborative process with seeks to:

• reflect the fundamental character of the school
• guide the development of school policies, curriculum and structures
• reflect the partnership between, Staff, Parents, Students and Trustees

School Management: 

Chanel College is under the trusteeship of the Marist Fathers (Society of Mary). The school is managed by a Board of Management which is responsible for the setting of policy for the school. The Board of Management changes every three years. The present Board of Management began its three year term in October 2019 and is constituted as follows: 

Cathal Travers (Chairperson), Fr. John Harrington, Sandra Stapleton, Paul Burke, Sharon McIlroy, Philip Ardiff and Joan McDonnell

The Principal, Dara Gill is secretary of the Board of Management.



Normal opening hours

Monday         08:30 - 15:50

Tuesday        08:30 - 15:50

Wednesday   08:30 - 13:05

Thursday       08:30 - 15:50

Friday            08:30 - 15:10

Breakfast Club: 

Every morning from 08:00 until 08:30. All students arriving early can avail of this service. 

Homework Club:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 15:50 - 16:50 Wednesday 13:05 -14:05

After School Study:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 15:50 - 17:15 Wednesday 13:05 -14:30

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