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Bayern Munich Champions in 1st Year Football Blitz

On Thursday 7th October all 1st years got to take part in a football blitz for the afternoon.

The teams were divided up into lofty European giants such as Paris Saint Germain and FC Barcalona and matches got underway quickly.

Bayern Munich vs Atletico Madrid and Roma vs PSG made up the semi finals. Both games were evenly contested with some great football on show. Bayern Munich managed to scrape a 1-0 win and PSG ran out 2-0 winners.

The stage was set for the final which was a much tenser affair. A very cagey game could have gone either way but with a nil all finish, we went to a penalty shootout. There were some excellent penos from both sides, but Bayern Munich from class 1.2 managed to get the win and be crowned champions.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon for all with some great football on show. A huge thank you to Mr Sheridan and all his helpers, particularly the 5th year Prefects who managed the teams.

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