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Amazing Achievement for Talented TY Art Students

A huge congratulations to Ms Reilly's TY Art students, whose Artwork will be presented on the front cover of the Creative Engagement National Art’s Brochure and the National Exhibition front page (as shown above) !!

The students' work was picked from schools/organizations all over Ireland making it an exceptional achievement.

The brochures and promotional material will be sent to all schools, art centres and art organizations in the country and even to the Minister for Education and the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

"It is an exemplary Art project, that we worked very hard on and I’m very proud of all involved" - Ms E. Reilly.

Check it out online and view the Creative Engagement Exhibition on:

Note: It will be live until Saturday 6th March 2021.


Name of CE Coordinator: Emma Reilly.

Title of the Project: Neon Wellness Creative Voice.

Materials used: Neon, neon glass.

Name of Teachers involved: Emma Reilly.

Name(s) of Artist(s) involved: Sean O’Duigeannain.

Year group & no. of students: TY, 15 students.


Jason Campbell, Aron Cooling, Jack Curley, Luke Donegan, Tyler Fetherston Fitzsimons, Brandon Field, Vakaris Galinatitis, Jack Gillies, Carl Graydon, Sean Kearney, Stefan Madden, Brandon Molyneux, Gerald O’Regan, Luke Talbot, Aaron Ward.


I really enjoyed this project. It was fun to create designs, edit and come up with a final design and see it come to life. I learned new things about neon art and how it has made, and a career in art and getting to see an artist do their job was really cool. I managed to learn new skills like researching, careers in art, about neon artwork and designing. I enjoyed the experience of working with the artist and my teacher to create the piece. It was something very different and I am very grateful for the experience.


Once our class decided on creating a neon piece, we then had to decide on a place to display the artwork. We wanted the piece to be somewhere in the school where it could be appreciated and be seen throughout the day. So, we decided to place it under the stairs. I think this was a great spot for 2 reasons, 1 – many people would see it, staff, students, visitors and even parents. As it is the main hallway of the school in front of the office. 2 – the space is dark and not around natural light so the full neon effect can be seen from this point. After deciding on that spot, we had the old artwork and posters removed and got that section of the wall repainted white, to make the neon piece pop even more. I think the piece is in a great location as many people will see it, especially students on their way to class, the piece offers something new and exciting. It brightens up the hallway

and can put a smile on people’s face and gives them something to think about and appreciate.


In class we brainstormed different designs. The class came up with lots of logos and icons that we could have in the piece. The next step was research in class, we researched artwork and neon artwork. After we researched the neon artwork and contacted a neon artist- Sean O’ Duigeannain, we realized that we could not have a highly detailed piece because it was going to be made from glass neon tubes. So, we decided to make an abstract piece. We researched the artist Wassily Kandinsky, an abstract artist. So, we went back drawing and came up with simpler designs. Just like Kandinsky we wanted colourful abstract lines, not too detailed. I think the research part was interesting and we got to learn about neon art and how it was made. It improved my research skills.

Kandinsky's artwork also inspired the class for future projects and pieces.


In class we went through many stages of designs looking at layout and composition. We decided on a portrait piece with a silhouette in the corner. Next to the design me and Ms Reilly brainstormed more ideas and added in different shapes and lines into the surrounding piece. We went through many stages of designs and different layouts. We got in touch with the artist and he suggested making the piece landscape. So, we took ideas from everyone in the class and added their elements to the landscape piece which worked out a lot better. I really enjoyed creating the different shapes and lines and fitting them into the piece. When we had our final design, we moved onto colour.

We used neon markers on a drawing of the piece. This gave us an idea of what it would look like at the end. We printed the drawing off and experimented with lots of different colour stories and combinations. I found this part really fun and I learned more new skills of using the markers and what colours mix and go together nicely. We sent it back to the artist and we learned that only certain colours can be made in the neon, dark colours such as black could not be made. So, we got back to the markers and tried again till we had a piece we were happy with. The piece went through lots of back-and-forth designs but eventually with the artists edit we had our final piece. He showed us on his computer what the piece would look like with colour and on different backgrounds so we could see the full effect of the neon. Which was really cool.


I think the project went very well and the final design in my opinion is an amazing piece. The piece is abstract so It can mean different things for everyone. But the main point of the piece is how we are all connected, and the lines represent everyone's voice and creativity. The piece shows how we all come together in an environment like school and work together.

Luke Talbot


The project’s primary aim is to create links between our students and local Artist's through the Art making process. From this looking at creating a new Art wellbeing area within the school, with the artwork being the focal point of the Art wellbeing area. Students looked at historical and contemporary Artists in their research focusing on abstract art/artist. Students looked at street art and line/graphic designs from around Dublin and Ireland. Students created designs under the guidance and influence of Art teacher and neon artist Sean O’Duigeannain. Students and Art teacher worked with Sean over email, teams, and phone to learn the skills and techniques involved in designing and making neon art. Students also worked on starting line drawings and reviewing many times (while working with Sean) to get to the final design. Reviewing and evaluating became a big part of this project this year. This will help students in their projects in the future across all subjects. Students got a greater understanding how artist work and form a sense of belonging to the community. This project helped to strengthen the student’s connection to the community and deepen their understanding of where they live and are being educated, by exploring the history of the locality through the medium of neon art/street art and abstract art. (linking in with Art History) Students researched their neon project from taking photos of neon art/street art, abstract art and taking to peers about art and the school. Students created drawings of their research and then created drawings for their final neon glass piece to be made into neon verctor templets. Students gained great skills and techniques involved in creating neon art through research, Art teacher and neon artist Sean. The abstract final neon Art piece can mean different things for everyone. The silhouette of the head is to represent everyone within the school – all students and all staff in the school have a voice of creative. ‘But the main point of the piece is how we are all connected, and the lines represent everyone's voice and creativity. The piece shows how we all come together in an environment like school and work together.’ (student reflection Luke Talbot) This project was hard work for all involved, but the final Artwork pays off. The TY students who worked on this piece are extremely imaginative and creative students. As their Art teacher I am very proud of their work in this project and we all hope the wider school community enjoys the Artwork too for many years to come. Working with neon artist Sean O’Duigeannain on this collaborative Art project was inspirational for myself and the students. Sean O’ Duigeannain is an exemplary Artist and we thank Sean for his work and time.

Emma Reilly

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