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Student Digital Leaders Team

Principal, Dara Gill, presents some of the new Digital Leaders Team with their leader badges. Ms Bradley, ICT coordinator, is working with 8 student leaders at the moment. The Team will expand next year so any students interested in joining it should let Ms Bradley know.

What is the digital leaders team ?

by Karl Coffey Hello, we are the digital leaders of Chanel College. People have questions on who we are and what we do. Here's a little piece on what they are and what they could be. Digital Leaders are Chanel Students with a passion for technology, who want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school. Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility, learn new skills, develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

Currently, our team is made up of 4th years & 2nd years. We watch out and help address issues in the school. We find out how to fix problems in a new and strategic way. Students selected as digital leaders can help to embed the use of technology across the school. They attend regular meetings, support other pupils, and assist members of staff. In the future they may run assemblies and other whole-school or community events. They are aware of digital safety.

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