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Starting Secondary School in Covid times

There is no doubt that due to the current Covid pandemic, this is one of the most challenging starts to the new school year that Chanel College has experienced. However, the school management, caretakers, cleaners and staff worked tirelessly for the past weeks to prepare the school and have it ready to welcome the new 1st years in a safe environment, respecting current guidelines and in particular the 1 meter social distancing.

Ms Heron, 1st year Yearhead, planned and organised their first day and with the team of form teachers, made every effort to reassure the lads and make it as comfortable and "normal" as possible for them.

Ms Linnane organised the Book Rental Scheme and made sure that each student had all the books he needed waiting on his desk.

5th year prefects were on hand to support the 1st years and provide practical help with timetables etc. Each prefect will support a group of 1st year students during the year.

The SNA Team may look like they were ready to go to battle, but instead they were there to guide and help the students at all times.

Time to go home after a busy morning!

The teaching staff had to do some more planning and organising for the rest of the students coming back to school.

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