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Sports Day 2022

On Wednesday morning 18th May, we arrived into Chanel College in glorious sunshine. This was a big relief following the deluges the evening before and a good omen for the annual Sports Day ahead.

Sports Day like many other activities had been put on hold for the last two years due to Covid, so it was absolutely wonderful to see all students, teachers and staff out enjoying themselves and having fun on the sports pitches and basketball courts. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone entered into the spirit of the day with lots of banter between students & staff alike.

From obstacle courses to egg and spoon races, there were games for everyone, not just the sporty types and the theme for the day was inclusion.

There was great participation from all years, particularly 2nd years and competition was very close amongst all the classes especially on the football pitch.

1.5 were deservedly crowned Chanel Sports Class of the Year 2022.

Class winners for each year were:

1st Year: 1.5

2nd Year: 2.1

3rd Year: 3.2

5th Year: 5.3

6th Year 6.1

The Tug of War in the middle of the athletics track was as popular as ever, with lots of shouting, heaving and collapsing in exhaustion. The Egg and Spoon (or potato and spoon!) proved very challenging and many of the races only saw 1 or 2 competitors with the skills to actually finish the race!

Hats off to Michele and Rose who went head-to-head in the obstacle course. Or maybe we should say face to face, as Michele missed her footing on the plank and ended up flat of her face. Being the trojan that she is, she picked herself up and went on to win the race! She could have taken lessons from Eoin Carpenter who was king of the obstacle course in 2nd year with his speed and skill.

A cruel one for Jamie Keating in 5th year; he hoped to snatch the 400m final from David Corbett in the last few strides, but he took a fall only metres from the line. Congratulations to David, but Jamie will be back in force next year and there’s always the Sponsored Run in the meantime!

The scoreboard was a hive of activity, as the mathematicians did the sums and added the scores in front of their eager audience who were vying for top class.

For many, the highlight of the day was the much-anticipated football match between teachers and 6th years. There was a great turnout from the teachers who were helped by a few able bodied 5th years.

The first half was a close affair with 6th years taking an early lead, but the teachers pulled back a goal before too long. The students scored a second, which was matched again by a penalty from the teachers sporting the red & black of Chanel. Former pupil Mark Olwil, now Mr Olwil (maths teacher) almost had to remind himself which side he was playing on! There was impressive football on display, especially from the dynamic duo as they were hailed from the side-line, aka Mr McGonigle brothers (senior & junior) and Mr McCarthy showing fancy footwork as he charged past a few young lads up the wing. Some objective analysists from the side-line even said the teachers had the edge. Unfortunately though, the 2nd half was a different story, the 6th years could not be stopped and forged ahead with a fantastic solo run and strike from Evan Ryan and they continued to pop in a few more goals after that.

It was a poignant moment for many of the 6th years who were playing the very teachers that had coached them on all the different football teams they were on since they joined Chanel as little 1st years, six years ago. In was also a moment to recognise all those players who have given such great service to Chanel football teams over the last years.

The game ended 5-2 in the end, but the score didn’t matter. It was a match that was played in good spirit and with great sportsmanship from both sides, facilitated by the professional refereeing of Johnny, called in specially for the day.

A fitting end to an enjoyable Sports Day 2022.

Thanks to Mr O’Keeffe and Mr Fahy for all the organisation and Ms Bradley for playing paparazzi and taking great photographs and video footage.

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