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Sponsored Walk 2023

We had a glorious sunny day for our annual Sponsored Walk on Friday 29th October.

It was lovely to see all students and staff out exercising and enjoying the fresh air. Wellbeing was to the fore and there was a great sense of support and community with everybody helping and encouraging each other on.

It was a bit more serious amongst the runners and there was strong competition as ever. For the second year in a row, Mr Brady couldn't be caught, despite Mr Greene's best efforts and only 19 seconds between them! Well done to Pedro Matute in 5th year who paced himself extremely well and came in first for the students.

Top 7 runners and their times:

Mr Brady 46:52

Mr Greene 47:11

Pedro Matute (5.2) 54:50

Ciaran Crowley (6.2) 55:40

Ciaran Clarke (3.4) 55:45

Cillian Shannon (3.4) 55:46

Josh Baker (6.1) 56:01

Thanks to all the students who collected money for much needed resources. It will all be put back into the school to make it an even better learning environment for you.

And finally thanks to Mr O'Keeffe who put in huge work behind the scenes to make sure the whole event ran like clockwork.

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