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Poetry in Motion

At Chanel we love to highlight and feature creative writing by our students, such as this amusing little poem. Please have a read and enjoy...

Once upon a time in a far away place,

there were three little pigs,

each with a little pink face.

They spent their life with just one fear,

that the big bad wolf would lose interest in deer.

So all the little pigs made little houses.

They all decided to teach that wolf a lesson

If he survived it would be his own little blessing.

So the pigs laid traps here and there.

They even hired their own personal bear

to circle the house day and night.

That ought to give that nasty wolf a fright.

So on the bears day off, the wolf came near

with his big bushy tail and horrifying leer.

He crept up to the houses with a huff and a puff,

he blew down the first house which was made of straw and so the wolf thought “That’s quite a flaw!”

He went over to the next house which was made of wood

So, he huffed and puffed and ………………………NOTHING.

He took a deep breath and let out a wheeze.

Then he screamed “Ma would ye pass me inhaler please”

Now lets go again

So he huffed and puffed

and the house hit the ground with a clatter,

but nobody was there

the wolf thought “not to matter”

The wolf came to the last house spearing every breathe, then he noticed a pain in his chest.

So away he went, and he cried “I’ll be back later”

And back later he was with all his might,

alongside a stick of dynamite.

So he scaled the building and lit up a stick.

And with a Bing and Boom,

The three little pigs met their doom!

By Finnley McKenna and Calvin Kelly (2.1)

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