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Past Pupils Inspire at Careers Evening

Our recent Careers Evening, during which our current Leaving Cert students met with over 30 past pupils from a variety of disciplines, was a hugely successful event.

It is great to see our past pupils from the community giving back to the school and advising and inspiring our current students.

Two of our 5th year students, Pedro and Cian acted as reporters for the night...

Chanel's Careers Evening Article by Pedro Matute Photos by Cian Trimble

Chanel College, founded in 1955 by Coolock's ancestral priests, stands as one of Ireland's enduring Marist schools. Rooted in education and Christian faith, it nurtures the unique potential of our youth.

Chanel's annual Careers Evening reunites former students, igniting memories and celebrating diverse journeys. It is more than an event; it's a compass guiding us present students with an exploration of career possibilities by a network of seasoned professionals.

On the night of October 5th, former students gathered, bridging past and present. For soon-to-be graduates, this night inspired new ideas for their future.

We followed Chanel's students' career paths, emphasizing the impact of past students on their communities. We delved into their challenges, influential figures, and how they succeeded, gaining insights as we went along.

As attendees enter, nostalgia embraces them—the polished wood scent, echoing laughter, a time machine to their school days.

These alumni pursued diverse paths—gap years, PLC courses, college, university or apprenticeships. Yet, they all pursued unique and different passions, like the computer science enthusiast turned stage theatre lover, like the barber who was busy demonstrating his trade of fresh fades.

A professional journey mirrors an expedition, with peaks, valleys, twists and turns. Success stories abound; an accountant exploring 120 different destinations, non-university paths, and a chef raising money to aid cancer patients. So many ways to contribute to your community, how can you choose?

These community promoters, from electricians to marketers, embody the strong connection and responsibility. They uplift their hometowns through education, mentorship, and cultural preservation.

As the Careers Evening ended, anticipation grew for the reunion weekend. More nostalgia, laughter, and rekindled friendships await.

We extend gratitude to Ms. Brazil, Mr. Woods, Mr. Gill, and all who made this night possible.

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