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French & Spanish Films at the IFI

French and Spanish students enjoyed films at the Irish Film Institute recently as part of IFI Education Programme.

Spanish film Mediterráneo: The Law of the Sea

The film is based on a real story about a group of lifeguards from Spain who decided to move to the island of Lesbos to help migrants cross the international waters safely. This was undoubtably a film and an experience that the students will remember. They embraced the opportunity and engaged really well with the previous work before the trip, the film itself and the film review they completed afterwards. Students learned vocabulary related to current social and political affairs that is also part of their Leaving Cert Spanish Exam.

These are some of their comments extracted from their reviews after watching the film: "Una revelación" (a revelation), "pasión y valentía" (passion and bravery), "excelente película" (excellent movie), "aguas emocionales" (emotional waters).

was described by students as "una revelación" (a revelation).

French Film Mes frères et moi: My Brothers and I

The French film "Mes frères et moi" was a beautiful tale of brotherly love and loyalty based in the south of France which was nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The IFI produced an excellent study guide based on the film, which the students engaged with really well, to deepen their understanding and broaden their vocabulary.

After the film, the 6th year students put all the French they've learned over the last while to good use and wrote and edited a recount of their morning out. Working as a team, each student took responsibility for a few sentences and collated it all together to tell their collective story. Bravo les gars!!

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