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Chanel's Young Environmentalists make the News

We are very proud of our 1st years Mark Blake & Finley McKenna whose lovely article was printed on page 10 of this week's Northside People [East edition 10.05.23].

The entire 1st year group deserve a lot of credit for their enthusiasm and work in cleaning up our wonderful local amenity.

And of course, thank you to the teachers in the Geography Department who put in huge effort behind the scenes to organise all the events and activities of a very successful Geography Week.


On Tuesday, the 25th of April, during Geography week, 93 first year students from Chanel College, went to St Anne’s Park on a bright and sunny day to do some good works.

When the students arrived at the park, gloves, bags and litter pickers (Thanks Dublin City Council!) were distributed amongst students. They were tasked with cleaning up the park. Whilst they were cleaning up a TV commercial was being filmed which they were fascinated to see.

The Chanel students spent an hour searching all over the park on a journey to find as much rubbish as possible, some even opting to cleaning the sides of the river! Others ventured to the outskirts of the park, in hopes of cleaning as much rubbish as possible. At the end of the clean-up, the young students managed to impressively accumulate roughly 30 bags of rubbish!

Afterwards the students were awarded with treats and games in a now much cleaner park. The students enjoyed their break from regular classes to partake in the clean-up and to get some fresh air.

However, this wasn’t the only activity that the Chanel students took part in for geography week. Geography week was brilliant, there were so many activities that the school enjoyed ranging from a treasure hunt to creating recycling posters. The week was enjoyed by all.

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