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6th Year Graduation 2022

We finally felt that the Covid restrictions were well and truly behind us... when 6th year students, their parents, families, teachers & SNAs could all come together in person for their Graduation Ceremony in a full St Brendan’s Church on Tuesday 24th May. It meant we could honour these fine young men properly and give them the send-off they deserved.

And what a lovely ceremony it was. Craig Perry, Adam Hughes and Ross Campbell opened the show with a beautiful instrumental rendition of Three Little Birds.

Alex Shevlin welcomed us all warmly and introduced the theme for the evening, which was Change. As the students, reflected on the big changes that lie ahead for them, each form class presented the symbols that reflected their chapter here in Chanel. These included a circle of friendship (6.1), a blue flag with all the students' names (6.2), a globe (6.4) and a Roman chariot (6.3) to represent their fantastic trip to Rome in Transition Year.

Fr Edwin told us an inspiring story or analogy to remind the lads to always focus on the important things in life. Then it was back to Arek, Alex, Jason and Leo to read the Prayers of the Faithful.

Kieron the comedian and Alex stood up to give the final speech and amidst the laughs they paid a heartfelt tribute to their teachers, past and present over the last six years.

It was left to Ross Campbell to sing us out with his apt and beautiful rendition of Lean on me accompanied by Adam and Craig.

Proceedings continued over in the school hall, which was transformed from a stark sports hall into an amazing awards venue for the evening, thanks to the trojan work that went on all morning by a whole team of people (too many to mention individually). Each student came on stage to receive his momentum plaque and take one last class photo together. It was also a special moment to recognise those students who excelled in their particular subject area or made an outstanding contribution to school life over the last year. Proud parents and teachers smiled on as Ms Brazil and Mr Gill presented the individual trophies and plaques.

Year Head, Mr Phelan, brought proceedings to a close with some heartfelt words for the lads and reminded them that they may have left the building but they will always be part of the Chanel Community.

We wish the Class of 2022 all the best in their upcoming exams and future endeavours in life.

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