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Summer Camp in Spain

Summer Camp in Spain funded by the Spanish Government available to Chanel students. 

Pupils over 16 can enjoy a 4-week summer camp holiday organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education. All costs are included (except flights). Last year, three Chanel students took part in the initiative and this year there was lots of interest, with over 30 students attending the talk. 

The company Play & Say visited Chanel to talk about a Summer Camp in Spain organised by the Spanish Government. The camp will take place in four different locations from the 30th of June to the 29th of July.

The immersive exchange is for students aged 16 to 20. The aim is to contribute to social and cultural inclusion. Young people from both countries will get to know each other and enjoy a summer full of fun and interesting activities (games, debates, theatre, sports, music, excursions, etc.).

There are around 200 Irish students participating in 2024. Three of our pupils: Pedro Matute, Daniel McDonnell and Craig McCarthy took part last summer and intend to repeat the adventure this year. 

 More information is available on

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