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1st Year Gaelic Football Success

Huge congratulations to the 1st Year Gaelic Football team who won their semi final in the 1st Year Football League on Monday 4th April.

With a final score of Chanel College 7-10 Palmerstown C.C. 2-3, it was a convincing and high scoring game from the Chanel lads.

The team has had a great season so far, making light work of their opponents Kylemore College in the quarter finals a few weeks before.

We wish them and coaches Jamieson and O'Keeffe the best of luck as they look forward to the final after Easter.


  1. Joshua Maher

  2. Cillian Shannon

  3. Aaron Graham

  4. Finn Sherlock

  5. Ben Donnery

  6. Logan O’Connor

  7. Rhys Carroll

  8. CJ Madigan

  9. Sean Mulligan

  10. Rowan Craine

  11. Jude Craine

  12. Kori Lennon

  13. Ryan Dalton

  14. Liam Henshaw

  15. Ben McHale

  16. Adam Drumgoole

  17. Daire Keeley

  18. Aaron Sheridan

  19. Cathal Reddy

  20. Rhys Comiskey

  21. Ian Milmore (fan & coach's assistant)

Monday 4th April

Semi Final

Chanel C 7-10 Palmerstown C.C. 2-3

Half time 3-5 - 0-1

Scorers for Chanel

Liam Henshaw 3-1

Ben Donnery 1-2 (0-1 Free)

Cathal Reddy 0-2 (0-1 Free)

Finn Sherlock 0-2

Daire Keeley 1-0

Jude Craine 1-0

Rhys Comiskey 1-0 ( 45)

Kori Lennon 0-1 Aaron Sheridan 0-1

Sean Mulligan 0-1

Man of the Match: Liam Henshaw

Thurs 10th March

Quarter Final

Chanel 13-10 Kylemore College, Ballyfermot 1-1

Half time 8-5 - 0-1

Scorers for Chanel

Liam Henshaw 3-1

Sean Mulligan 2-2

CJ Madigan 1-2

Daire Keeley 3-1

Aaron Sheridan 1-2

Adam Drumgoole 0-1

Ryan Dalton 1-0

Jude Craine 1-0

Rhys Comiskey 0-1 (45)

Ben Donnery 1-0

Man of the Match: Ben Donnery

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