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Quiz-mas Jumpers

We rounded the teaching year off with lovely Christmas celebrations on Wednesday 15th December. Students and staff wore their best Christmas jumpers, tee-shirts, hats and even an apron, to get in the Christmas spirit. All proceeds for the fundraiser went to the very deserved Make A Wish.

Christmas Quiz

For the last 2 classes of the day, all classes returned to their base form class and waited attentively for the dulcet tones of Mr Ardiff to call out the questions over the intercom.

Quizmaster Mr Fahy excelled this year and had everybody racking their brains for the Dingbats round as we tried to figure out the Christmas expressions from the pictures.

The Anagrams round proved a bit more challenging. The adjudicators would question how anyone "legitimately" guessed PANTOMIME DAME from I'M A POET MADMEN. Apparently only 2 classes rose to the challenge. The music round heard many classes (especially 2.1) sing out the whole song along the corridor and not just the next line. Next year we propose a full singing round!

Before long, treats, Celebrations and drinks were brought around to add to the festive cheer. There was much trading of cans of coke and 7up between classes.

It was all great fun but competition remained very tight and there was very little in the scores at the end. The winners across each year group were:

1st year 1.4 55 points

2nd year 2.1 58 points

3rd year 3.4 56 points

4th year 4.3 60 points

5th year 5.2 58 points

6th year 6.1 57 points.

It was all worth the effort as the winning classes were spoilt with Selection boxes for the entire class.

Last year was our first Christmas quiz but something tells us after yesterday's success, it is now well established as an annual event. Of course none of it could have happened and a huge thank you to Mr Fahy and Mr Ardiff for all the hard work and organisation that went in behind the scenes to make it a very successful and fun afternoon for everybody. Merry Christmas to all!

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