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Quiz-mas Cheer

There was definitely a festive atmosphere in Chanel on Friday 11th December for the whole school Christmas Quiz.

For the last 2 periods on Friday afternoon, all classes returned to their base form class and waited attentively for the questions to be called out over the intercom.

The questions were varied and engaging and challenged students to figure out for example, which teacher has been teaching in Chanel the longest or which teacher was the prettiest baby! The Christmas TV Ads Round was a favourite and led to a few "heated" discussions. For the Christmas Hits Round, the lads may have had to rely on their "older" form teachers to distinguish Driving Home for Christmas from Do they know it's Christmas.

Before long, treats, Celebrations and drinks were brought around to add to the festive cheer. Some classes, particularly 1.1 in Room 8, really got into the swing of it , singing and dancing along to the inter-round Classic Christmas Songs booming out over the intercom.

But it remained a very competitive affair as the runners raced along the corridors to deliver their class' answers in time.

Winning classes were spoilt with Selection boxes at the end.

Brainchild of Mr Fahy and helped by trusty sidekick and intercom compere Mr Ardiff, who both deserve a huge pat on the back for all the work and organisation that went in behind the scenes to make it a very successful and fun afternoon for everybody. Mathú!

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