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Feature on a Former Student

We were absolutely delighted to welcome former student, Aaron Behan, back to Chanel on Wednesday 21st February.

Aaron is in his final year of European Studies (majoring in French) in Trinity College. He inspired the lads with his stories of working in the EU Parliament, studying for a year in the prestigious Sciences Po University in Strasbourg and experiencing French culture. They were even more impressed that his other priority while working and studying in France was to get to see as many European football matches as possible!

He also highlighted the merits of keeping up French in senior cycle, the doors it can open and the amazing opportunities it can create in the future.

There was a lovely informal Question & Answer session at the end and some students rose to the challenge to ask the questions in French.

We can't thank Aaron enough for giving up his time and we'll watch this space as he goes on to even bigger & brighter things.

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