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Awards Night 2023

Awards night is always a very special night in Chanel College. It is the occasion to stop and recognise our students' great achievements during the year. Awards go to those who have excelled academically, but equally importantly, awards go to those students who always strive to be their best self or those who make an outstanding contribution to their class or school life in general.

The three awards in each class are:

Best academic

Most improved

Special merit

Marist Award

Subject and Form teachers collaborate to appoint the winners in each category. Year heads also oversee the prestigious Student of the Year award, which is a huge achievement to win across the hundred odd students in any one year.

It is tradition in Chanel to invite a past pupil, who has been successful in his chosen career, to be guest speaker for the night and present the awards. This year, Ms Brazil who organises and oversees the entire event, thought it was time to recognise two very successful past pupils and current teachers in Chanel, Mr McManus and Mr Sheridan.

To a full hall of proud parents and teachers and expectant students, McManus & Mr Sheridan took to the stage. They warmed our hearts and inspired us with their story of their journey from 1st year, through to 6th year and all its highlights. They talked about being part of a team and the role that sport played for them. They mentioned the teachers that cared and encouraged them to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to achieve great things. They both explained how they tried other careers, but were not happy until they found their vocation teaching here in Chanel.

Who knows there may well be another generation of teachers amongst those who came up to receive their awards.

1st Year winners on the night

2nd Year winners on the night

3rd Year Winners on the night

5th Year winners on the night

Writer of the year

Teachers of the Year

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