Social Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.)

What is Social, Personal and Health Education?

Social Personal and Health Education focuses on helping students to make choices for a confident and healthy life. In SPHE class students will learn how to get on with your classmates better, as well as help each other to be safe, healthy and well. Students have SPHE once a week in Junior Cycle and it is not an exam subject. The class is intended to provide a safe, open forum where students can share their views, ask questions and discuss issues that are important to them. The main aim of SPHE is to promote healthy emotional, physical and mental health.

What will I learn in SPHE?

Some of the things you will learn include:

• how to settle into your new school and into your new class
• how to make friends with new people in your class
• where to go and what to do if you need help or advice in your new school
• what it means to make healthy choices about such things as smoking, alcohol, healthy eating and  being active
how to form healthy, close relationships and to understand human sexuality.

How will I learn SPHE in school?

In SPHE you may learn by:
• working on your own, in pairs, groups or as a whole class
• taking part in activities and games
• talking and listening to others, including visitors who come to your SPHE class
doing projects and making posters.

How will SPHE connect with the world outside of school?

Some of the things we do are: 

• talk at home about what you are doing in SPHE class  

• find out about different health issues for young people e.g. smoking, healthy eating, sexual health 

• try out some things you learn in class e.g.really listening to your friends, making healthier choices about what you eat, and how you spend your free time.

Will I have an exam in SPHE?

No, you will have a folder with work you have completed in class - this will contain worksheets, quizzes, factsheets and posters. at the end of every lesson you will also write a short reflection on what you learned in class.

Will SPHE have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes. You will also learn about your body in science and P.E. You might also learn about relationships in religion and CSPE.

How will SPHE be useful to me?

By taking part in SPHE class you will learn how:

• to work in a group

• to make healthier choice 

• to be more confident about yourself  

• to understand others better.

* Source NCCA website.

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