TYs Build Bridges

Class 4.2 recently did a project where they had to construct a bridge that was 50cm long and could hold 200g without collapsing. The bridge was constructed using sellotape, PVC glue, lollipop sticks and straws. The entire class designed and built their bridges in groups of three or two. Every bridge met the requirements without collapsing.

Some bridges were built using triangulation while others were straight flat bridges with supports taped to the bottom. Most bridges had supports similar to the Manhattan bridge. One bridge was like a bridge you would find in a forest or park, which is known as a humpback bridge.

Mr. Gill was asked to choose a winning design and after walking around the class and asking the students questions he decided that the winner of the competition was the group who built the humpback bridge (Bradley Whelan and Anthony Hynes). While they received a prize of chocolate bars every student walked away from the activity understanding a little bit more about the construction of bridges.

Written by Bradley Whelan




Thanks to Ms Loughman for all her organisation, support and encouragement and facilitating a wonderful and creative learning environment.

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