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First Year Trip to France

May, 17 2013

On Sunday 21st of April, parents could be seen waving their children away on a school bus outside St.Brendan’s church. This marked the beginning of the Chanel College, 2013 trip to Paris.
To really kick off the holiday, the luxury bus of Joe Moroney drove all the way from Dublin to Rosslare. The journey took a long time. However it wasn’t too bad.
On arrival in Rosslare the students became over whelmed with excitement with the prospect of a fun boat ride ahead. I myself was a little skeptical. I could tell some other pupils found it a little daunting, having had a history of sea sickness.

Anyway, we drove onto the boat and got off. I could instantly smell the sea and fish. It was horrible. After the students had had their reaction to the smell, we began our ascent up the decks. All cabins were located on deck 5.
After everyone was settled in, we had dinner. A fine meal of fries and chicken goujons. By this time the boat had began to sail.

After the meal, students had fun visiting other cabins, shopping, going to the cinema, partying at the disco and just soaking up the delightful experience of being at sea. When the day had ended, everyone went to their cabins to talk, hang out or maybe watch T.V.
Breakfast the next day was coco pops and brioche. At around 1 o`clock, you could see the coast of Normandy. Excitement was mounting now. When everything was gathered and put on the bus, we left the boat. 
Next was a long Journey to Paris. We stopped about 2 hours into the journey to visit the site were 9,000 American soldiers had perished. There were 9,000 perfectly aligned, white marble crosses (with the occasional star of David). When this was over, we proceeded to drive for another 3 and a half hours.
Everyone was tired, bored and most of all HUNGRY! But we kept ourselves entertained by watching movies and laughing at jokes told by many students.
By the time we reached Paris there was a definite glumness in the air caused by hunger and the need to pee. And then we saw it. A beacon of light in the darkness. The kids gave a great whoop as McDonalds came into full view.
After everyone had been fed and watered, we headed to the hotel. When we arrived at the Campanile we unpacked our stuff and climbed into bed.
The next morning was a buffet of croissants, cereal, coffee and fruit. Then, Disneyland! I became a little over excited at this but come on…… it was Disneyland.
There wasn’t one student that didn’t have the time of their life. When all the rides had been ridden, it was time for shopping! I went a little crazy here (this may give you a clue as to who I am).
After this fun filled day, we went to a shopping mall where we ate dinner and shopped a little. When dinner was eaten, we took a moonlit journey down the river Seine. Then it was back to the hotel and bed.
Wednesday was the usual morning buffet then Sightseeing.  We hit all the hotspots in Paris from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame to the Arc de Triumph. Then it was off to aqua boulevard, the famous French water park. It was great fun. Then we dinner in the mall.
On our last day in Paris, we went to the Stade de France. It was an enormous football stadium with a very famous museum of players jerseys and signed balls. Then we went to Decathlon, the famous sports shop across the street. After a quick lunch in Quick, we were on the road again.
When we arrived back in Normandy, we had dinner in McDonalds then shopped for a while in a supermarket. Then it was back on the boat with us.
Then, after a 21 hour boat ride, we were home!!! Mothers ran to their children to kiss and hug them the kids said “Mam, not in public!”
It was an awesome experience and I will never forget it or the people who I grew to know.

By an Anoymous First Year Student

​U-19 Footballers Metropolitan league winners and Leinster league runners-up

April, 25 2013​​
On the 18th April the Chanel College U-19 football team defeated St Peters College Dunboyne in the Metropolitan Final. Read the match report ​here. On the 25th both teams again played in the Leinster final but this time Dunboyne were victorious. Read the Leinster Final match report here.

Walk in my Shoes!

April, 25 2013

​We are proud to announce our first ever Walk in my Shoes event in Chanel College on May 1st! Chanel Prefects are organising the event to raise funds AND highlight awareness of mental health in young people in Ireland. 

Did you know that:

  • 75% of mental health issues in young people develop BEFORE the age of 24??

  • 1 in 4 young people in Ireland will experience a mental health difficulty

  • 1 in 6 employees in Ireland will experience a mental health difficulty

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death among 18-25 year old men in Ireland and the second most common cause of death generally in this age group.

  • Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in the 14-24 age group in the EU.

So wear your favourite, your wackiest, your funkiest pair of shoes and help us raise funds for St.Patricks University Hospital


​April, 24 2013
​On Wednesday the 24th of April Track and Field North Leinster Championships proved to be a real eye opener for our Chanel athletes to the quality of athletics at the top end of their field. Read more here.

Science trip to London

April, 9 2013

The day had finally arrived, the 9th of April. Forty two of us congregated at 4:30 am in Dublin airport to board the flight to London. Most of us had never been to London before so we were very excited about our trip. 

Once we arrived in London we hopped on the bus and set off for the L'Oreal laboratories. While we were there we learned about the different scientific things involved in making shampoo. As a group we then got the opportunity to make it. This was a lot of fun. Who knows - we may see our concoction on the shelves in  the future! 

Later that day we went to a science and history museum. Unfortunately that wasn't as enjoyable as the L'Oreal tour but it was still descent enough. 

On Wednesday we went to Thorpe Park. This was brilliant fun. When we arrived we couldn't decide what to go on first as there was so many choices from 'The Stealth', 'The Inferno', 'The slammer' and 'The Saw'. Even the teachers had a go but I must say they looked a little green after going on them! Thorpe Park definitely lived up to our expectations. After, we also went on the London Eye. The views were class. We also saw great landmarks such as the Big Ben.

On Thursday we did more touristy things. We visited the Thames Barrier. There, the tour guide talked to us about the history of the Thames river and the reasons why the barrier was constructed. I have to admit it was a bit boring.

From there we went to a shopping square because we had some spare time before going to the airport. A few of us volunteered for a man performing tricks. That was a great laugh. We then went on to McDonalds for a delicious lunch.

After lunch we went to 'Centre of the Cell'. There we saw real scientists at work and learned about how the cells in our body work. We played computer games inside a giant nucleus. This visit was really interesting.

On Thursday night our flight home was slightly delayed but nothing major! I would definitely recommend this trip to London. I would go back in a flash. My advice to First Years is - Start saving now!

For more information on this trip click here.

Craig Lynch 2.2 

Easter Fast

March, 19 2013​  ​

Well done to Mrs. Whelan and all the students who took part in the 12 hour  fast in aid of the Marist Mission in Papua New Guinea on Thursday the 19th of March. All of their hard work paid off. €1,729.95 has been raised to date. Thank you to everyone who donated money.

Mass of thanks giving celebrated by Edmund Duffy sm will be held in St. Brendans Church on Thursday the 2nd of May at 2:30pm for the students who took part and for families and friends who sponsored them. Letters of invitation will be sent out shortly.

U-19 Footballers win league semi final

April, 12 2013​

On the 12th April our U-19 football team played Kilkenny C.B.S. in Newbridge. They won the game 3 - 0 and are now due to play St Peters College Dunboyne in the Leinster Final. Read the match report ​here.

Seachtain na Gaeilge
​March, 21 2013​
Olympic Bronze Medalist, Paddy Barns visited the school during Seachtain na Gaeilge. He spoke about how his patronage to Ireland helped in his goal in becoming an Olympic Champion.


​TY Camino De Santiago Challenge

May, 24-30 2013



School Raffle

May, 21 2013

Thank you to everyone involved in the school raffle. €2700 was raised for school development. Click here to see the winners of the raffle.


May, 17 2013

1st Year Trip to France

May, 17 2013

On Sunday 21st of April, parents could be seen waving their children away on a school bus outside St.Brendan’s church. This marked the beginning of the Chanel College, 2013 trip to Paris. Read More here.

Chanel College Awards Night

May, 14 2013

Congratulations to all those who won awards at the ceremony on Tuesday night. It was a huge success and enjoyed by all those who attended. Photographs to follow!

Football trip to Blackburn

May, 10 2013

Early Friday morning the Chanel College school bus with 13 footballers and a few teachers set off for Blackburn to play in the annual Marist Colleges, Thorpe Cup. The squad made up of players from the senior and U-17 football teams arrived in Blackburn at 4pm. Read more here.

Walk in my Shoes!

May, 13 2013

​We are proud to announce that €282.00 was raised for the 'Walk in my Shoes' intitative organised by prefects on May 1st. Thank you to all who particiated. Read more here.





​On the 24th of May Transition Year students and three teachers departed for Spain to complete a section of the Camino. Trip updates from the students and teachers will be posted here.

Ms. Brasil and Ms. O' Donoghue are delighted to announce that an exhibition of 5th year Art work will be on show in the the Colin Room on Tuesday the 21st of May at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Chanel College on the Camino De Santiago

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