Project Maths

What is Project Maths?

Project Maths involves the introduction of revised syllabuses for both Junior and Leaving Certificate Mathematics. It involves changes to what students learn in mathematics, how they learn it and how they will be assessed.

What will I learn from Project Maths?

Project Maths aims to provide for an enhanced student learning experience and greater levels of achievement for all. Much greater emphasis will be placed on student understanding of mathematical concepts, with increased use of contexts and applications that will enable students to relate mathematics to everyday experience.

The Mathematics syllabuses include the following:

1. Statistics and Probability
2. Geometry and Trigonometry
3. Number
4. Algebra
5. Functions

Will Project Maths have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Project Maths is linked to many subjects on the curriculum such as Science, MTW, TG, DCG, Business, Accounting, Art, and Geography.

What is the Leaving Cert exam like?

In the senior cycle, students’ experience of mathematics will enable them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for their future lives as well as for further study in areas that rely on mathematics. Leaving Certificate Mathematics will be provided at three syllabus levels, Foundation, Ordinary and Higher, with corresponding levels of examination papers. An uptake of 30% at Higher level is targeted. The issue of the status of the Foundation level course and the examination grades achieved by candidates in terms of acceptability for some courses at third level will be explored.

How is Project Maths useful to me?

This list is just a sample of the organisations that employ graduates with mathematical skills. There are many more.

I Accountancy | Aerospace & Defense | Automotive | Biosciences | Business support services | Chemicals | Construction | Consultancies | Education | Engineering | Environment | Exploration Geophysics | Financial Services | Food & Drink | Government | Healthcare | Insurance | IT & Computing | Manufacturing | Metals & Minerals | Pharmaceuticals | Academic Research | Science | Telecoms | Transport/Travel | Utilities I

* Source NCCA website.

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