J.C.S.P. (Junior Certificate Schools Programme​)

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What is the aim of the J.C.S.P.?

• To provide a fresh approach to the Junior Certificate Programme for students who might struggle to cope with secondary school.

• It is an intervention for these students based on the concept that all young people are capable of achieving real success in school.

• To provide young students who might feel apprehensive about secondary school with the confidence to take pride in their own school work and achieve to their full potential.

What is the difference between the JCSP and the Junior Certificate?

• There is no specific difference, the students still sit the standard Junior Cert in June.

• Through a system of profiling a student’s work, students are provided with opportunities to engage with the curriculum, become more aware of their own learning, and to achieve success at school.

• After the three years they each receive an official certificate of their achievements, validated by the Department of Education and Science, in addition to their Junior Certificate Examination Certificate.

What do students gain from being in the Programme?

• Students get an opportunity to become more involved in their own learning, discussing statements and meeting targets.

• Through engagement with this learning process, students begin to succeed and go on to build on this success.

• During their time on the Programme the JCSP team looks for opportunities to reward and praise students and to give them useful feedback on their performance.

​What is a JCSP Statement?

 A statement describes an area of knowledge, a concept or a skill. It states that a student knows, understands or can do something e.g.‘The student can carry out a simple research project and display the results appropriately.’

• Each statement is divided up into smaller, achievable, learning targets.

What initiatives are run in Chanel College?

• Over the course of the three year period JCSP students will take part in specific learning initiatives.  Some of these initiatives include:

• Rocket Day
• Drop Everything and Read
• Christmas Certificate Ceremony and Celebration
• Summer Celebration
• Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives


Rocket day 

Dublin Walking Tour.

1.2 visit to Eason to buy books for the library

Drumming Workshop, Jan 2019


Presentation of certificates

2.1 Bowling Trip

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