Irish - Gaeilge

Irish at senior level allows you to continue to develop the language skills and add to the Irish that you have learned in the junior cycle. You will study more literature (stories and poems).

Specifically, you will develop the following skills that you have encountered in your first three years:


Handling the immediate context of daily experience in spoken and written Irish: identifying, describing, and characterising people, objects, places, and events; giving information and instructions; issuing simple commands and requests;

Speaking and writing in Irish about past, present and future events; telling a story (narrating and describing the past), promising, predicting, and proposing simple hypotheses and conjectures;

Increasing active vocabulary, reinforcing mastery of basic grammar, dealing with more complex structures (verbal phrases, subordinate clauses), and using some patterns of indirect speech (e.g., repeating or relaying messages, giving reports, summarising);

Consolidation and further expansion of the ability to understand aswell as produce a more complex level of oral and written discourse emphasising subjective expression: issuing indirect commands and requests; giving opinions; making proposals; building arguments;
defending and criticising ideas.

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