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Welcome to the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Page for Chanel College.


The current HSCL Coordinator is Aishling Cahill. She can be reached on 087 747 4617.



The Aims of the HSCL Programme:


The role of the HSCL Coordinator is to support the development of trusting relationships between parents and schools within the context of the local community in order to enhance the nurturing of the whole child.   We do this by:


  • Working with parents in supporting their young people at school,

  • Raising parents' awareness of their capacity to be involved in their young person’s education,

  • Working with the teachers,  families and the community in recognising and addressing, as best we can, the needs of the whole young person,

  • Encouraging parental participation in programmes for self-development, skills courses, including literacy and numeracy skills and helping to set       up various relevant activities for parents so that they, as primary educators of their children, will be positive role models for their young people,

  • Supporting parents in assisting their young people participating fully in the education system.





Parent Classes, Courses and Activities:

Each term a number of classes and activities are available to parents free of charge in local schools.

For details on the current parent classes from Mindfulnesss to First Aid and lots more, please click here.

Details on the current Book Club to be announced.

If Interested in any of the classes, please contact Aishling Cahill (HSCL Coordinator) on 087 7474617



* See also the parent information page for more information relevant to parents




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