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In Geography you will study about places, people and what shapes the environment. You will learn how the environment influences people, and how they change the environment. You will develop your ability to draw and understand maps, graphs and diagrams, as well as studying photographs and collecting information outside the classroom through fieldwork.

What will I learn in Geography?
Some of the things you will learn include:
• Where people live and why they live there (physical influence – climate, relief, drainage)
• The natural world and what influences and shapes it (River, sea & glacial erosion and deposition e.g. Waterfalls, Beaches)
• The world of human activities and what influences and shapes it
• How to get and use information from different sources such as textbooks, maps, photographs,   graphs, diagrams, newspapers, DVDs and the Internet.


How will I learn Geography in school?
Some of the things you may do with your teacher and your classmates are:
• Work on your own, in groups and with your teacher
• Learn and use important geographical terms e.g. Global Warming, Acid Rain, Renewable &  Non-renewable resources
• Learn how to read a map
• Draw diagrams of natural and man-made geographical features.


     Diagram of ​a Waterfall - Natural Feature           Picture of the Dam at Poulaphouca, Co. Wicklow

What is the Geography Junior Certificate exam like?
In the examination, you will answer twenty short questions in the first part of the paper, and three questions requiring longer answers in the second part. There will be questions on map-reading, and on explaining photographs, diagrams and charts. You can take the exam at Higher or at Ordinary level. When the time comes to decide, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.

How will Geography be useful to me?
Everybody uses geography in their daily lives. When you think of where to go on holiday or wonder what tomorrow’s weather will be like, you are thinking geography. When you look at an atlas map, or a town plan, or a weather map, you use what we learn in Geography.

* Source NCCA Website



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