Civic Social and Political Education

What will I learn in CSPE?

In CSPE class you will get a chance to think about questions such as:
• what does it mean to be an active citizen?
• how can I get involved in my community?
• how can I make a difference?
• what are human rights?
• how can I play a part in protecting the environment?
But you will do more than just thinking about these things. You will be taking action!

How will I learn CSPE in school?
Being active in the classroom is very important in CSPE. Some of the things you may do with your teacher and classmates are:
• work on your own, but also in pairs and in groups
• discuss and debate topics in class
• learn through games, role play, photos and other activities
• use newspapers, magazines, books and the Internet to find out information
• invite a guest speaker into the class or go on a trip outside of school.
Some other things that will help you learn in class are:
• asking questions
• keeping a file of your notes and handouts as they will be useful for learning and for revision
• finding out how voting works by organising a mock election in your class.

How will CSPE connect with the world outside of school?

CSPE is all about understanding our community, our society and the wider world; how each work and how we can make them better. Some of the things you may do are:
• take part in an environmental project, such as recycling, in your local area
• organise a visit to a local court
• support a campaign for children’s rights
• watch what’s happening in the news
• discuss the topics that come up in class with your family and friends.

What is the CSPE Junior Certificate exam like?
CSPE is examined at a common level. You will be assessed in two ways:
• a written examination, which is worth 40% of your final grade and
• a report on your participation in an action project or the presentation of a course work assessment booklet. This report is worth 60% of the total examination mark.

* Source NCCA Website

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