Leaving Certificate Biology

Biology is the science of living things. The course uses practical activity and investigation to develop your skills and knowledge.  Biology has many different areas of study:

What students are likely to achieve by completing the Biology course:
• Students will gain an understanding of themselves and the natural world in which we live.
• Students are provided with the knowledge, skills and understanding to pursue further education, training and employment in biology-related fields
• Students will learn how Biology impacts on their daily lives and on society. e.g. when studying the breathing system a breathing disorder is studied.

Course Content:

The course is divided into three units
Unit 1 The study of life (ecology and food science)
Unit 2 The Cell (Genetics, photosynthesis, respiration and enzymes)
Unit 3 The organism (a study of body systems, plant biology and microbiology)

Practical Activities
In Biology students undertake a range of practical work, laboratory work and fieldwork. Students are required to carry out 22 Mandatory Experiments over the course of 2 years. Students keep a record of the results in an experiment book.

Exam Structure

3 hour written exam in June
Section A (25%) - Short Answer questions – 6 to do 5
Section B (15%) - Experiments – 3 to do 2
Section C (60%) - Long Answer questions – 6 to do 4

Will Biology have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes, Maths, English, Geography and SPHE are related to the subject Biology

Possible Career Options

I Medicine I Veterinary I Dentistry I Nursing I  Associated careers I
I Agriculture I Applied Biology I Biochemistry I Biotechnology I Botany I Ecology I Earth Science and Environmental Science I Genetics I Marine Science and Aquaculture I Microbiology and Zoology I Psychologist I Astronomer I Teacher I Researcher I


Useful Links

You Tube clips:

Dissection of a cows heart                            How the Digestive System works          Extracting DNA from a plant 

                                                                                                                                                        tissue (onion cell)     

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